Mark Russi

"Acquiring a spinal injury is less than ideal, but it's not the end of the world - It's just a different way of doing things."

Mark had just finshed high school when he was injured in a car accident. Since his injury, he's gone on to University, where he got a Bachelor's in occupational therapy. His interests include cars, computers, video games, pubbing & clubbing, travelling and scuba diving. Some of Mark's recent travels have included a cruise to Noumea and travelling to Bali - where he got his open-water diving certification.

While going through rehab, Mark's case manager was also a wheelchair user and found it really beneficial to work closely with someone in a similar situation.

Mark uses a manual wheelchair and drives a 2005 Subaru Impreza with hand-controls.


LxPara, LxTAC, LxCareSupport, LxIndependentTransfers, LxSelfDrivingSedan, Computers, Gaming, LxOverseasTravel LxTravel

Mark is living with T1 complete spinal cord injury for the past 18 years.