Paul Volunteer

Paul Mariager

"Love to travel and explore new places."

After acquiring a SCI as a result of a BMX accident in his teenage years in Bendigo, Paul went back and completed school, moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of International Relations and a graduate diploma in Economics, and now works full-time in the financial service sector. He has recently returned to university again, and is pursuing a Masters of Urban Planning and Environment as a part-time student.

Paul enjoys computers, sports, writing, reading, socialising and travelling. He has a busy social life and regularly goes to music shows, restaurants, bars, and the footy. He has flown interstate and travelled in a helicopter. Paul has a van that he uses to travel around on short holidays and/or day trips to places that are not or poorly accessed by trains and other forms of public transport.

Paul uses a power chair, a manual chair and assistance with transfers. He lives in a modified house with a widened kitchen with under-bench space and a modified bathroom. He is also planning on moving back to Bendigo, and has bought a house to renovate before moving back.


LxCareSupport, LxSport, LxTravel, LxPara, LxNDIS,LxSlideBoard  

Paul is living with C5 complete spinal cord injury for the past 24 years.