Phil Volunteer

Phil Markham

"You’ve only taken my bloody legs away, that’s all you’ve taken!"

Phil is the stereotypical Aussie bloke: butcher by trade, loves a good spot of fishing, camping, footy, and muscle cars. He works as a post‐Injury Union delegate & Safety representative and lives with T6, T7 incomplete SCI.

Phil's favourite saying is "You’ve only taken my bloody legs away, that’s all you’ve taken." He does not let his SCI stop him from going out to rock concerts, festivals and car shows, and is always ready to "party it up!"

Phil regularly flies and drives interstate, and has been to Tasmania over 20 times. Some of the other things he enjoys immensely are his family (he has two daughters, now in their twenties), travel, work, sports (footy), deep sea fishing, car restoration and camping.

Phil uses a manual wheelchair (with SmartDrive) and power wheelchairs (due to his bad shoulders). He lives with his partner in a modified house with decking, ramps, a modified kitchen and bathroom, and drives a Ford F100 with automatic transmission.

Phil's long-standing goal is to travel around Australia in a bus, and is currently working on some "maiden runs”! 


LxPara, LxTAC, LxIndependentTransfers, LxSelfDrivingSedan, LxSport, LxFishing, LxTravel

Phil is living with T6 incomplete spinal cord injury for the past 16 years.