Rhys Volunteer

Rhys Gray

"Its about life!"


Rhys lives at home with his family, and has a love for travel and the outdoors. He is a frequent traveller, doing a lot of driving throughout the state. He self-drives, and his vehicles are modified, such as with hand controls and a crane for his wheelchair.

Rhys lives with his wife, three young children, and two nieces. He was a project manager before his accident, though still helps out in the workplace occasionally. He participates in an array of outdoor activities, including as fishing, camping, kayaking, scuba diving, and sit-skiing. For these, he uses special equipment like an all-wheel drive wheelchair and fishing drones. He also loves to include his daughters in his hobbies.

In 2016, Rhys fell off of his truck at work and sustained a T9 injury. Rhys was inspired to volunteer at Spire after they provided the support for him to get back into his outdoor hobbies. He was back on the beach within the first three weeks of his accident.


LxTAC, LxSelfDrivingUte, LxCamping, LxFishing, LxOutdoors ,LxTravel LxPara

Rhys is living with T9 spinal cord injury for the past 6 years.