Richard Volunteer

Richard Lee

"Grandpa Bigwheels is a busy man!"

Richard, or Grandpa Bigwheels (as his two grandchildren like to call him) is a busy man: he is a father, a grandfather and works two jobs.

When Richard is not busy working as a Marketing Consultant at Mobility Plus Wheelchairs or a furniture sales consultant, he likes to play wheelchair tennis, as a social outlet and to keep fit. Some other things he enjoys are fishing charters, film, reading and music.

Richard has flown to Darwin and is currently planning a trip to Europe.

Richard uses a manual wheelchair and drives a hatchback modified with hand controls. He lives alone at home, which has modified kitchen benches and bathroom.


LxPara, LxTAC, LxSlideBoard , LxSelfDrivingHatchback, LxSport, LxOverseasTravel LxTravel

Richard is living with T10 complete spinal cord injury for the past 19 years.