Thelma Volunteer

Thelma Spice

"Passionate gardener and keen volunteer"

Thelma is a passionate gardener, keen volunteer at a nursery and and has a keen interest in the environment and the church.

She volunteers at a nursery once a week, and is the President of The Friends of The Grange, a patch of natural bush land in Clayton South. She is also devoted to Caulfield rehab patients and is there every week.

Her injury was the result of an epidural injection given to treat sciatica, which caused a blood clot in the spinal cord.

Thelma usually uses a walker to walk. However, on rougher terrain, she can use either crutches or a walking stick. She also has a battery powered scooter. She drives an automatic sedan.

Thelma lives with her dog, Pixie, at home. The house has been modified extensively, with ramps, and a modified entrance and bathroom. 

Thelma is living with spinal cord injury for the past 12 years.