Trevor Volunteer

Trevor Carroll

"Loves music; plays the guitar, piano and “just about anything you can blow""

Trevor is a father, a grandfather, an avid and accomplished musician, and a dedicated disability advocate (he earned his Master’s in Disability Work). Having trained as a musician at the University of Tasmania, Trevor loves music, and plays guitar, piano and “just about anything you can blow”. Some of the other activities he enjoys are reading, computing, movies, and collecting LP records.

Trevor has Meniere’s disease, as a result of being given the antibiotic Gentamicin for multiple bladder infections (which he now warns people against). The condition affects his balance and hearing. He wears digital hearing aids in both ears.

Trevor uses a 4-wheeled walker and electric scooter and a 4 pointed stick in confined spaces. He also has a ground reactive spring loaded calliper on his left leg for mobility. He drives an automatic car between dawn and dusk only, and lives at home with his wife Dayle.

The house was purpose built with extra wide DDA compliant doorways and corridors, and front and rear ramps. He regularly travels locally, interstate and overseas with his wife Dayle. He is the President of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations and the Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Region for Disabled Peoples International. He currently manages a disability advocacy agency funded by the federal Department of Social Services.


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Trevor is living with T3 incomplete spinal cord injury for the past 28 years.