At Spire, we have many volunteers - with and without a disability - who support our work in various ways. Have a look below at what our volunteers do and contact us if you're interested - we'd love to talk to you!

Peer Support Volunteers

If you have been living with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) for a while, your experience of life with SCI would be invaluable to informing and supporting others with more recently acquired injuries to help re-frame their lives and navigate their way back to full community life.

Our Peer support activities include

1:1 Peer mentoring

We have a team of over 50 trained volunteers who visit people with newly acquired SCI as they go through rehab. By sharing information and experience of life with SCI peer support volunteers support those more recently injured to transition into life back in the community. Volunteers receive specialised training and are coordinated by a team of dedicated peer support workers who themselves have lived experience of SCI.

"I found peer support very useful, that's why I decided to give back by becoming a peer mentor volunteer" - Georgina

"It was great to be a part of the What's Out There day - looking forward to the next one!" - Joy"

Community Forums and Expos

We also run community living expos which showcase the diversity of life with SCI in the community. These are resourced by volunteers living with SCI who share their stories, activities, hobbies and tips and tricks ( (including exhibits of adaptive/ self-adapted equipment).

Community living expos are held 3 times a year at the Royal Talbot Rehab Centre.

Social nights and leisure outings

Volunteers also help organise social nights (movie / games nights) at the Royal Talbot Rehab Centre for current inpatients which provide opportunities for informal peer support.

Volunteers also meet current inpatients on leisure outings at community venues (movies, sporting events, cafes and restaurants) which provide an opportunity for inpatients to see and learn how people living with SCI in the community engage in leisure activities.

Social nights and leisure outings are typically held once a month.

Video Journalist Volunteers

"I've been privileged to meet some very positive people and to share their stories. " - Richard

We have a small team of volunteer video journalists who volunteer their time and skills to help us tell our story more effectively.

These include - on an ongoing basis

  • Short "TV newsreport" style video clips of our activities and events reported by one or more of the participants. These are typically between 1-2 minutes in duration and shared on our website and social media.
  • Slightly longer (3-5 minutes) video clips which tell the personal stories of some of our members and peer-volunteers which help to inform others living with SCI about realities, possibilities and diversity of life post-SCI

Visit our YouTube channel and Facebook page to see more of the work done by our video journalist volunteers.

Skills Volunteers/Volunteer Interns

We welcome people with specific skills and interests who would like to volunteer their time and skills to support our projects and activities.

Areas of interest include

  • IT (Database development)
  • Web development and online content
  • Graphic design / Desktop publishing
  • General project support

Students looking to gain practical experience either independently or as part of their course requirements are also welcome. Our only requirement is that you actively contribute to the project / program as part of the team (rather than merely observing).

In the past we have had students following courses in IT, Media & Communications, Health Sciences (Rehab counselling) on volunteer internships with us.

"I really enjoyed interacting with people of all different levels of injury and listening to their stories - how their injury hasn't stopped them living their life" - Tiana

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